How to scan a QR Code with your Blackberry

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Blackberry QR Code Reader

We are often asked..."What the best QR Code reader is for Blackberry?" We have done plenty of testing and our results prove that the internal reader that comes with Blackberry Messenger 5.0 is by far the best QR Code Reader. It's unfortunate that BB does not separate the QR Code reader from the B...

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fueled by creativity... committed to quality

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Elle Canada Custom QR Code

Because we're committed to uncompromising quality at QRe8, each and every one of our XM Codes™ goes through rigorous cross-platform testing before it’s released to our client, and ultimately the market. So, to illustrate the seamless scanning performance of our codes on a variety of phones and r...

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The QRe8 Custom QR Code Giveaway

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The New York Times QR Code

The QRe8 Custom QR Code Giveaway is now over. Please stay tuned to find out who our lucky winners are. Happy Twittering and thank you! Sincerely, The QRe8 Team ...

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