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QRe8 Touch Web

So your first question probably is, “what exactly is the Touch Web?” The answer is simple. The Touch Web refers to all the mobile websites out there that are built specifically for touch screen devices – such as iPhones and iPads, the Blackberry Storm, the Nexus One, Android devices and many more. In fact, according to a recent study by, by 2012 mobile touch devices will top 680,000,000 worldwide. This staggering number can hardly be ignored.

You’d be correct to surmise that this is extremely good news for App developers—whether developing for Apple or Google, or any other platform. But it’s also unbelievable news for Touch Web developers. According to the same Taptu study there are approximately 326,000 Touch Web sites online. Latest released numbers show that there are approximately 150,000 iPhone apps and 50,000 android apps out there. Together, this equates to just over half a million online properties. Now compare this to the regular desktop internet, that is, 10’s of millions of websites—so it’s instantly apparent that the Touch Web is still in its infancy.

Because most of their target users will have touch devices, brands unquestionably need to start thinking and act on development of their own Touch Website, built as a useful and engaging mobile user experience.

How is the Touch Web being used?
According to the Taptu Study, while Apps are used mostly for games and entertainment, the Touch Web is employed more often for Shopping, Services and Social Networks. The likely reason for this is that the App ecosystem charges up to 30% of the total sale generated through the App platform's payment gateway. On the other hand, mobile Web developers can utilize a number of payment options and retain most of the generated revenue.

What are some features of a Touch Website?
As the name suggests Touch sites need to be Built To Touch™. This means less content, less copy, large fonts and big buttons, plus strategically chosen imagery in place of heavily embedded picture files… all just a few features of the Touch Website—in short, a new breed of enahnced mobile user experience.

The Future Of The Touch Web
The future looks great for the Touch Web, and many predict it to be the next major platform for your company/brand to invest in. A recent Brand Channel article discussed how Touch Web developers will very soon have the same toolkit options as App developers. This means Touch developers will be able to easily integrate geo-locating, camera accelereometer features and many further design functions that will allow newly created Touch Websites to mimic the functionality of the best Apps… but with a global audience 10-20 times the size!

At QRe8 we’ve just launched our Built To Touch™ services, having invested a significant amount of time and resources to learn and implement Mobile Touch Web best practices—which, allows us to offer best of breed strategy and design specifically geared to Touch Website builds. We believe this new area of expertise, in tandem with our core QR Code Platform, enables us to provide your consumers a truly unique brand experience from print to the mobile Web.


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