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Many people are asking if 2010 will be the year of QR Codes. We think the answer is a resounding "YES!" But you might think we're biased because we live and breathe QR Codes. So please don't take our word for it.

First, take a look at this Google Trends Chart which shows a steady increase in the world’s interest in QR Codes over the past few years. Now take look at the following list of 10 Massive Brands and their current or planned QR Code executions and draw your own conclusion:

1. December 2009 - Google announces that Favorite Places will contain QR Codes

2. January 2010 - GMC uses QR Codes to promote the new Granite vehicle

3. February 2010 - The Detroit Red Wings create a QR Code Game Program

4. February 2010 - The Weather Channel allows viewers to download the Weather Channel Android APP via a QR Code on live television

5. February 2010 - Best Buy uses QR Codes to directly link customers to mobile shopping

6. March 2010 - Ford uses a QR Code in a print ad for the Figo vehicle in an Indian newspaper

7. March 2010 - Chevy places QR Codes on cars during SXSW festival

8. March 2010 - Starbucks uses QR Codes in mobile APPs to allow consumers to pay at cash with a simple scan of a phone

9. March 2010 - Addidas Japan launches the FIFA World Cup 2010 site featuring a QR Code that takes you directly to the mobile version of the site

10. March 2010 - Facebook is about to give 450mil users and brands a QR Code linking to their Profile Page or Fan Page

Have you recently seen other Big Brands using QR Codes? Let us know.


Even more big brands using QR Codes in North America:

11. April 2010 - Iron Man uses a QR Code in movie posters to promote the sequel.

12. May 2010 - HBO trailer to promote the upcoming season of True Blood.

13. May 2010 - MSG Entertainment launches huge Dinosaur QR Code to promote their "Walking with Dinosaurs" event.

14. June 2010 - The City Of New York blankets Times Square with a huge QR Code.

15. June 2010 - Canada Tourism Commission uses QR Codes in "This Is Canada" campaign.

16. June 2010 - Canadian Mercedes-Benz dealership uses QR Codes that link to sales persons contact information

17. July 2010 - Calvin Klein New York City Billboard to promote Calvin Klein Jeans.

18. July 2010 - The New York Isanders are using QR Codes in ads for contest and promotions.

19. July 2010 - Posters for the movie Inception staring Leo DiCaprio.

20. July 2010 - New York City puts QR Codes on 2,200 sanitization trucks.

21. July 2010 - New York Magazine uses a QR Code to promote their Android APP.

22. July 2010 - Clinique uses a QR Code in ad for Vogue Magazine.

23. July 2010 - Be The One campaign uses QR Codes to help save the Gulf.

24. August 2010 - Fox will use QR Codes to promote a variety of television shows including The Fringe, Lone Star and Glee.

25. August 2010 - at&t now has a QR Code Scanner, QR Code Generator and a "Pay For" QR Code Business Platform.

26. August 2010 - PCC Natural Markets plan to use QR Codes in the produce department so that shoppers can see product-specific informational videos on their smart phones.

27. August 2010 - The City of Washington D.C. (that's certainly a brand) partners with our friend Patrick from and OCTO Labs to put QR Codes on bus shelters

28. August 2010 - Universal Pictures uses QR Codes to promote the new Scott Pilgrim vs. The World movie

29. August 2010 - SuperYellowPages and SuperpagesDirect Direct Mail will uses QR Codes to drive traffic to their mobile APPs

30. August 2010 - Lynx Transit Agency will roll-out QR Codes to 5000 bus stops in central Florida. They claim to be the first but as seen above I think Washington D.C. beat them to it.

31. August 2010 - Reach Toothbrushes uses a QR Code in Details Magazine .

32. August 2010 - The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are proposing QR Coded fuel economy labels on the window of every new vehicle in dealer showrooms by 2012.

33. August 2010 - The GAP uses in-store QR Codes to promote their Black Magic Pant Collection.

34. August 2010 - Exit Realty, Sotheby's International Realty and RE/MAX REALTORS® use QR Codes to Promote themselves and their Property Listings using the QR Code and Mobile Web solution for Real Estate Professionals.

35. August 2010 - The JFK Presidential Library and Musuem uses a QR Code to promote the associated Twitter account.

36. September 2010 - Miele Canada uses a QR Code on 1 million fliers.

37. September 2010 - Pioneer Speakers puts a QR Code on their new packaging.

38. September 2010 - ToysRus launches new mobile campaign integrating QR Codes on signage and shelf talkers.


21 Massive Brands Using QR Codes

Hi Erik,

Thank you for adding to your list of big brands using QR Codes. It's a great resource.

Unfortunately, many of the big brands are making big mistakes when integrating 2D codes in their marketing plans. I write about these mistakes, including FOX, in my Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid When Integrating 2D Codes in Your U.S. Marketing Plans: (Several members of the 2D codes for Global Media LinkedIn Group contributed to this blog post.)

On a lighter note, you might enjoy this QR idea that takes the cake!

Thank you again for your round-up piece and keeping it current.

Dan Smigrod
CEO & Chief Creative Officer
Atlanta, GA


Does the DC government count as a brand?


Brands and QR Codes

Great post! Like to see a list like this one with brand leaders using QR Codes.

RE: 21 Massive Brands Using QR Codes

The blue chip brands are starting to get it, although there will be a learning curve on getting their QR Code-generated mobile experience to an optimum level. The entertainment industry seems to be leading the field, since they already have plenty of mobile-friendly content (e.g., previews) to populate mobile sites. The Iron Man 2 promo by Warbasse Design ( is a case in point.

QR code usage is slowly growing in NA

Probably the biggest campaign recently I've seen was on Calvin Klein Jeans billboards in LA and NYC to link to an "uncensored" video ad:

In Toronto, our real estate brokerage, O'Neill Real Estate, and other agents utilize QR codes on For Sale signs and brochures. The Metro and National Post newspapers feature EZCodes. Oh, and a flyer for Swiss Chalet I saw featured a QR Code.

HI Gregory, I would say that

HI Gregory,

I would say that QR Code usage is growing quickly in NA. Recently HBO has used a QR Code to promote True Blood and Steven Spielberg has used a QR Code to promote his new TV series.

Because you are part of a Real Estate Brokerage I would encourage you to take a look at Clikbrix - a QR Code and Mobile Web solution for Agents and Brokers.

Thanks again for you post.



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