9 reasons your company should use QR codes in your marketing campaigns

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QR Codes are beginning to take off in North America. If you are not familiar with QR Codes, or if you need reassurance as to why your company should begin to use them, here is our list of 9 reasons:

1. Easily connect people to your online properties from offline assets

…rather than writing down a website address or tediously typing a lengthy URL into a phone browser, a QR code reader enables consumers to simply point and scan to connect to the information they want.

2. Extend the reach of offline tactics

…QR codes are extraordinarily viral—beyond word-of-mouth buzz, every web link or text message embedded into your code can easily be passed around from person to person, via their mobile or smart phone or PC.

3. Create opportunities to connect with new consumers

…which is especially poignant as the technology catches on across North America where consumers are increasingly ‘scan-obsessed’—going out of their way to scan all codes they encounter for pure novelty. Not to mention (as Seth Godin points out) “sneezing” the technology to all of their friends, family and colleagues. One of these ‘scanning disciples’ might just be your next customer conversion (that is, if they like your offer).

4. Extend and amplify top-line information of a print asset

…with a scan and click, imagine the possibilities: delve deeper into a the past life of the protagonist of a best-selling novel, or watch a short celebrity chef video demonstrating how to present the fancy dessert you’re about to buy… or even reading (by scanning the hang-tag) what a top fashion critique has to say about the pricey frock that’s about to put you in debt.

5. CONVERT (immediately)

…typical print campaigns are read then either ignored or later acted on. With QR codes, your offline assets and campaigns can instantly direct a passive reader into an online survey, sign-up form, coupon, poll, promotional website, or anywhere else you may want to take them to make the sale.

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6. Track and Analyze

…the performance, and potential optimization of your print efforts—if you use an industry leading campaign management system you’ll further be able to analyze your offline campaigns with time and geographical tracking, allowing you to refine tactics.

7. QR codes are ultimate green application

…use print as a meaningful and eye-opening teaser to peak readers’ interests—then let the code direct the user online for the full story. Ergo: REDUCE INK and REDUCE PAPER!

8. The WOW factor of today

…we hear it continuously… “WOW—QR technology is beyond cool, but it’s alos meaningful, it’s info I want, when and how I want it.” Use it, and you unquestionably stand out amid your target: you’re both brand and tech savvy, and you imaginatively grasp your target consumers’ desires… or rather, you know how to blow them away. Even more, if you go the extra step and graphically brand your codes, you’re cool factor will be off the charts.

9. The WOW factor of tomorrow

…goes something like this: “WOW—I can’t believe this brand doesn’t use common QR technology to connect me to the information I need, when and how I want it.” Connect with someone in Japan or Germany and ask them how they perceive brands that have yet to integrate QR codes into their marketing mix.



Nice Post! I'm working for One Shoe mobile (full service mobile media bureau) in the Netherlands. We introduced the QR code in the Netherlands and brands and consumers are very enthusastic about the effectiveness of the QR code. We now integrating QR codes in direct mail and print advertisement. We are the mobile marketing partner of TNT Post, the largest postal services in the Netherlands, and we are integrating for them QR codes in direct mail campaigns. We've got only one little problem too reach more people: QR readers pre-installed on the smartphones....Does anyone know pherhaps how we can get this done.

Good points

Nice post.
I agree that there is a WOW factor to QR codes. I hear it all the time with the tweetup badges that I produce. It makes perfect sense to me that with more and more people engaging in social media and using the internet on there smart phones that a marriage between offline and online content is a natural result. After all what could be easier than to connect the two with a QR code.

I do believe however that massive adoption won't occur until the readers come standard on smart phones. As easy as it is to download and install the reader on your phone there are going to those that just won't do it.

no "wow" 4 me

Sorry, I just do not get it. This does not impress me. No "wow factor" at all.
I do not see this catching on, and I do understand how LAZY people are today.

Good Luck. I hope it works for you.

No reply necessary.

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