QR code design: to be, or not to be?

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I hardly need to point out that many things are beautiful in their pure, naked form. But what about QR codes? Well, that’s in the eye of the beholder. Still, we’re definitely witnessing a QR graphic design renaissance where the code itself has become a canvas. Take Morikami’s earlier oeuvre for Louis Vuitton and the recent release of the QR Code by Japan Set for DigitalMum. Both meaningfully weave graphic elements and color. Even the BBC QR Code transcends the mundane (albeit more industrially). We all interact daily with the power of graphic design and witness how it amplifies branding across all touch-points. So why not QR Codes?

I was tinkering with our studio today incorporating a couple images into a couple Codes today. These are two – CNN Mobile & a plug of my personal Twitter profile @erikg1

I use the QuickMark reader for iPhone and the codes seem to work fine for me. I’d love to know if they worked for you so please let me know.

For sure, unadorned QR Codes are visually engaging… for the present, that is. But I believe that once QR really hits mainstream North American markets, design will become a critically important differentiator. And as this specific design technology becomes more readily available (enabling marketers to at least include a company logo or wordmark) and therefore a bigger benefit to brands, the residual effect will unquestionably drive larger acceptance of QR technology as a whole.

So what are your thoughts on QR Code design?


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