Mobile Data Traffic To Increase 40% Over Next 5 Years. Are You Prepared?

Last updated by erik 8 years 33 weeks ago

A new report released by Coda Research Consultancy suggests that mobile data traffic will increase to 40% by 2015, which they largely attribute to the surge in iPhone and Android sales along with other smartphones. In fact, the report further states that by 2012, 95% of all mobile web traffic will come from smartphones.

In its February 2010 report, Admob shows that smartphones accounted for 48% of AdMob’s worldwide traffic, up from 35% in February 2009. Strong growth of iPhone and Android traffic, fueled by heavy application usage, was primarily responsible for the increase. In absolute terms, smartphone traffic increased an astounding 193% over the last year.

To ensure your company and your brand are prepared for this unprecedented growth, we suggest you consider the following…

1. Create mobile websites and experiences that are built specifically for the device they’re to be viewed on. QRe8 specializes in development of Mobile Websites built for ‘Touch’ devices such as the iPhone, Motorola Droid, HTC Dream and others. Our ‘Touch’ website strategy and approach focuses on simplified design and messaging by creating sites that are built ‘finger friendly’, and have quick load times.

2. Make it easy to access or visit your site (and deep linked pages within your mobile site). One way to achieve this is to implement QR Codes into your marketing whether from a printed piece or from your traditional website. For example, imagine that you have a really important offer that you need to share, and it lives on a page deep within your site i.e. as the URL connected to your offer. Due to its length it’s highly unlikely anyone will ever type it into his or her mobile browser, or remember it to access from their desktop computer at a later time. QR can solve this problem.

Because QR Codes are finally gaining traction and QR Code Readers are available pre-installed on most devices, brand managers can easily deep link to any URL however long it might be. When you’ve invested in building a properly designed mobile website, it’s imperative for people to access all of your important pages as easily as possible. Find out how the QRe8 QR Code Campaign Manager help you with this (link).

For good reason, “Mobile” is definitely today’s buzz word of the moment. But we believe it will stick and evolve throughout this decade. All the studies and reports increasingly support this. On-the-go access to valuable and timely content is what the marketplace has come to expect.

So again… are your prepared to leverage this massive shift?


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